Contour Entertainment,  Los Angeles, CA
Cuningham Group Architecture,  P.A., MDR, CA
Legacy Entertainment,  North Hollywood, CA
Streisand Residence,  Malibu, CA
The ASC,  Hollywood, CA
The Hettema Group,  Pasadena, CA
Thinkwell Design and Production,  Burbank, CA
Universal Creative,  Orlando, FL
Universal Creative,  Hollywood, CA
Walt Disney Imagineering,  Glendale, CA
Warner Bros. Studio/FAO Schwartz,  New York, NY

2012  –  John Carter – Art Director
                    Directed by:  Andrew Stanton

2008  –  Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – Art Director
                    Directed by:  Rob Cohen 

2007  –  Rush Hour 3 – Lead Set Designer
                    Directed by:  Brett Ratner

2007  –  Georgia Rule – Assistant Art Director 
                    Directed by:  Garry Marshall

2006  –  Transformers – Lead Set Designer
                    Directed by:  Michael Bay

2006  –  The Prestige – Lead Set Designer
                    Directed by:  Chris Nolan

2001-2005  –  “24” – Art Director
                    Directed by:  Stephen Hopkins / Jon Cassar   

2005  –  Mission Impossible 3 – Lead Set Designer
                    Directed by:  J.J. Abrams

2005  –  Fun with Dick and Jane  Lead Set Designer
                    Directed by:  Dean Parisot

2005  –  Serenity  Lead Set Designer
                    Directed by:  Joss Whedon

2004  –  Team America: World Police  Set Designer
                    Directed by:  Trey Parker

2003  –  Princess Diaries 2 – Lead Set Designer
                    Directed by:  Garry Marshall

2003  –  The TerminalLead Set Designer                                                                  Directed by:  Steven Spielberg