Scott was recruited early in his college career by Walt Disney Imagineering, he made WDI in Los Angeles his home for six years working on various projects.  As a designer, Scott helped to develop Disney MGM Studios, Florida; the Indiana Jones Adventure Ride at Disneyland; the Alien Encounter attraction for Disney World’s Magic Kingdom; Dinosaur Children’s Playground for Disney World’s Animal Kingdom; and Studio Backlot sets for Disney MGM Studios, Europe.  The Disney environment provided the opportunity to work with the most dynamic, state of the art technologies in the theme park world.

He left WDI to serve the strong drive of Universal Creative in expanding their position in the world of themed entertainment.  As Lead Art Director, Scott was responsible for artistic contributions at many layers of the design process, as well as refinement and implementation during construction.  Scott and his team were instrumental in designs for ’Port of Entry’ at Universal Studios – Islands of Adventure in Orlando and ‘Studio Backlot and Rodeo Drive’ at Universal Studios Japan. Osaka.   Art direction and oversight of the construction and installation of the design for USJ took him to Japan for two years enabling him to garner priceless international experience.

On returning to the US, Scott transitioned to the fast-paced visual art of storytelling in television and motion pictures.  His designs can be seen on the TV series “24”  and various films including Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Terminal’, sci-fi adventure ‘Serenity’, Jim Carrey comedy ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’, ‘The Princess Diaries’, ‘Mission: Impossible III’, and ‘The Prestige’ (nominated for an Academy Award for Art Direction), ‘Mummy: Curse of the Dragon’, ‘Zookeeper’, as well another sci-fi adventure ‘John Carter of Mars’.

In 2001, while working in film, Scott began establishing his independent design studio – Studio Z.  Polishing his meticulous aesthetic style of scene and compositional sketching in the film industry, he has melded his experience with his architectural background, leading design teams in the place-making of themed environments.  Scott’s teams have created designs for projects that include master planning and attraction design for Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Theme Parks, Universal Studios Theme Parks, MGM Resorts and Entertainment; as well as a well rounded variety of hotel, retail, dining and entertainment destinations.